Girls, Girls, Girls!

The shadows are the main subjects who seem to climb up the stairs as if they were running away from their owner or did leave them behind a long time ago already. This frame leaves anything else to the imagination of the viewer. Taken in western part of Lisbon on a pedestrian tunnel underneath a train station.


Scene in a museum in Rotterdam. The aim was to make a connection between the curve’s body of the lady and the straight line in the exhibition vitrine which seems to came directly from her. The lady seems also to have some difficulties to read what is being shown in the vitrine, thus I opted for a somewhat blur focus. 


Street tunnels with the right light can produce interesting ambiances. The aim here was to get a subject in the convergence point of the leading celling lights and vanishing light reflected on the brick wall. With the blacks pushed up I was able also to create a black empty space which emphasize the subject and create a surrealist feeling.

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