Workshop in Utrecht, 27 - 28 May

A new 2 days Street Photography group Workshop will be held in Utrecht in the next month of May, on the 27th and 28th.

A great opportunity to improve your photography and get to know some of the nice photography spots of this wonderful city in The Netherlands.

Starting with an initial presentation and get together on Saturday from 12:00-13:00, followed by class and shooting at diverse locations around the city during the afternoons of Saturday and Sunday from 13:00 – 17:00.

Minimum 5 persons

Maximum 10 persons.

For more information and application go to:

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Fine Art Street Photography

Usually street photography can be considered to depend, in a large extend, on the subject and on the moment of the capture. The famous “decisive moment” approach of Cartier Bresson.

However a street photograph can rely on more than just the scene and the subject, it can go beyond the “decisive moment” and it can transform all these and adapt them to the vision and sensitivity of the photographer, through the way the scene is interpreted and processed. Aesthetics also play an important role.

FineArt Street Photography uses reality as a canvas and interprets and presents it in a new way, in a personal way, in a way that is born deep inside thephotographer and it shows his/her view over the world and a personal interpretation of it.

The Workshops

Group as well (semi-) private workshops are possible.

With (semi-) private workshops there is a better opportunity to interact with the students in a oneto one basis. One, two maximum three students are allowed

With a private workshop the student(s) can make suggestions regarding what they would like to see included in the program.

For group workshops a minimum of 6 and a maximum of 12 students are required.

Usually a one day session takes 4 h and may have the following scheduling:

  • Reception with a coffee or thee in a café
  • Short introduction to streetphotography and Fine Art with discussion regarding some pratical tips and tricks
  • Street walk in defined city regions or neighborhoods including photo assignments based on pre-defined themes
  • Pause for refreshment
  • Second street walk
  • Critical analysis shoots taken
  • Post processing (only in the two or more days workshops)

One, two and three days workshops are possible. For workshops to be held abroad (outside The Nederlands) a minimum of a two day workshop is required.

The workshops are taught in English (or Portuguese) and there is no special requirement about the camera type.


Under request and on dates to be agreed my street photography workshops can be held on the follwing cities:

- Amsterdam (The Nederlands)

- Rotterdam (The Nederlands)

- Utrecht (The Nederlands)

- Lisboa (Portugal)

- Porto (Portugal)

- Glasgow (Scotland)

- Edinburgh (Scotland)

Interested in a workshop?

If you are interested in improving your skills and learn how street photography may meet Fine Art, email me through the link below giving details about the dates and the city you're interested. 

After you register, I'll then return to you with the details and workshop price. I will also asking you a few questions by email that will help me learn a little about you and plan the topics and aspects of street photography that you would like to learn and focus on

Workshop Registration

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