Fernando Coelho

I am a Portuguese Street Photographer looking for moments in the streets where light, shadows, composition and subjects meet a "zen" moment, which is then frozen in time.

Photographs may convey tranquility, fear, perplexity and sometimes seem to being part of a surreal environment. However they all belong to the everyday urban life and feature the anonymous subjects which are always surrounding us.

Using reality as a canvas, each photo is a personal interpretation of the scene unfolding before my eyes. Aesthetics and processing is also an important aspect of my workflow.

More than just (random) photographing the street daily life, each photo should tell a story where the street subjects are actors in a scene staged in my mind, but un-stage in reality.

Although classification is always a tricky thing to do, probably most of my photos maybe consider a sort of Fine Art Street Photography.  

Most of my photographs are taken in Lisbon, my home town, but also in O'Porto, Glasgow, Edinburgh and several other cities in The Nederlands, like in Amsterdam, Roterdam and Utrecht, where I'm now based

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